Thank You Cozy

Anyone interested in kaleidoscopes owes a great deal of thanks to the late Cozy Baker.  Without her, there would have been no Kaleidoscope Renaissance and no Brewster Kaleidoscope Society. 

It was through her six books that many of us were educated on the fundamentals of kaleidoscopes and introduced to the artists whose scope we would later be purchasing. She guided us where to find the fine galleries that sold kaleidoscopes and taught us how the Kaleidoscope “inspires the mind” and “calls the heart”.

Cozy inspired us all from the start.  She organized the first kaleidoscope convention, wrote books about kaleidoscopes and in 1986, founded the Brewster Society.  Cozy was called the “First Lady of Kaleidoscopes” because of the many “firsts” she pioneered.

Thank you Cozy for your tireless work within the wonderful world of kaleidoscopes.  This on-line book is dedicated to you.



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