The Kaleidoscope Book

TheKaleidoscopeBook.com is an on-line book about kaleidoscopes, the artists that make them, the galleries that sell them and the collectors that enjoy them.  Its purpose is to help regenerate the “Kaleidoscope Renaissance” by providing up-to-date information about kaleidoscopes.

Much like how the books by Cozy Baker inspired the initial explosion in kaleidoscope popularity, it is hoped that this website will do the same by providing a place to preview new scopes and introduce new artists and galleries. 

Unlike the Brewster Society, this site is not a membership based group of kaleidoscope enthusiasts.  While you can’t join this site, you can contribute your knowledge to it.  We welcome all contributions of information about kaleidoscopes and will do our best to display your information in an organized and easy to read manner.

This on-line book will feature many of the same sections that you find in many popular kaleidoscope books:

  • General Kaleidoscope Information
  • Information about Kaleidoscope Artists
  • Information about Kaleidoscope Galleries
  • Pictures of scopes and their images

Since TheKaleidoscopeBook.com is an on-line book you gain the following benefits over a published book:

  • Articles are published in hours or days, not months or years
  • Errors can be quickly fixed
  • No limits on the number of pages
  • No cost to publish or purchase
  • Can solicit information and then post the replies
  • Articles can be enhanced as more information on the subject is available
  • Searchable

We hope you enjoy TheKaleidoscopeBook.com and that you contribute your knowledge and experience about kaleidoscopes so that it can be shared with all.