Here are the Frequently Asked Questions about this site:

Q) What is the Purpose of this site?

A) This site is an on-line Kaleidoscope book.  It lists current information about scopes, artists, galleries, collectors and other topics that scope enthusiasts would be interested in.  Its sole purpose is to share up-to-date kaleidoscope information in an organized manner.


Q) How does this site make money to operate?

A) This site is a free service.  There are no costs to look at it or to have information added to the site.


Q) Can I advertise on this site?

A) No.  We do not accept advertisements nor will we list the prices of any scopes shown on this site.


Q) Will this site help me to determine the value of a kaleidoscope?

A) It may.  It could help you identify the scope and may provide information about the scope's artist however it will not provide a price for the scope.  This is not a collector's guide and in no way is this site designed to influence the costs of kaleidoscopes.


Q) Can I have any information added to the site?

A) Almost any information about kaleidoscopes will be added.  If the information is too long or deemed to be inappropriate, it may be reduced, censored or omitted.


Q) How do I become a "Featured Artist"?

A) Almost anyone qualifies.   Just let us know you are interested and describe your work in terms of quantity of sales and quality of workmanship.


Q) How does a gallery become a "Featured Gallery"?

A) Almost any gallery qualifies. Just let us know you are interested and describe the gallery in terms of kaleidoscope sales and quantity.


Q) How do I get listed as a collector?

A) Anyone who owns two or more scopes qualifies (we would actually let you get away with owning one and showing a desire to buy more).  You have 3 choices:

  • Be added to the "Collector Listing" section by providing your contact information
  • Be added to our "Collector's Corner' section by providing a short write-up and pictures (email us for more details of what we want).
  • Or both the above.


Q) How does this site differ from the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society (BKS) and its site?

A) The BKS is a membership organization for kaleidoscope enthusiasts.   It is about interacting with other kaleidoscope enthusiasts.   It is also a great resource on kaleidoscopes (that's why we have a link to the BKS site on the top of all our pages).  

TheKaleidoscopeBook.com is an on-line book about kaleidoscopes.  Its purpose is to share information about kaleidoscopes.


Q) The wording on this site is small and hard to read.  Can it be made larger?

A) Yes.  Use the "Font Size Bigger" button on the top right of this site.  Click it repeatedly until it is large enough.


Q) How do I report a problem with this site?

A) Use the Report a Problem page.


Q) How do I contact you?

A) Use the Contact Us page.


Q) How do find information on this site?

A) Use the Search This Site page.