Paretti Kaleidoscopes


Scopes by Artists Carol and Tom Paretti


Feather and Leather Kaleidoscope (Carol with scope) - Feathers are moved by a perfume atomizer



Starfield - kaleidoscope that creates flowing patterns with delicate silver or gold beads. The interior also contains dichroic glass and embossed metals



Tilt-A-Whirl (Lizard & Rainbow) - Pivoting Wand Scope



Bubblessence - kaleidoscope with a double chamber, the front chamber contains a labyrinth of bubbles & the second chamber contains dichroic glass and silicone



Slow Yo-Yo - mechanically interactive kaleidoscope that uses ribbons as the viewing objects



Sizzle Scope - kaleidoscope that contains metallic foils of flowers, insects & animals. The pieces are moved about with a perfume atomizer



 Hot Dot - kaleidoscope contains fiber optics with semi-precious stones that light up








 Cosmos (8 different models shown)- hand painted kaleidoscope on artist canvas with a liquid chamber containing painted pieces and dichroic glass.  Each kaleidoscope is unique.




Below video shows the many different images from 2 Paretti scopes (Sizzle and Feather & Leather).

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