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Scopes by Artist Steven Gray


Current Kaleidoscope Works









Reflections of a Parasol - Scope (2), Image (4) and Brewster Award photos (click on the name to view additional data about the scope)





Squeeze Me - Scope (2) and Image photos (click on the name to view additional data about the scope)


Past Kaleidoscope Works



Aberrations Within the Eye chamber (2 photos)


Binocular Kaleidoscope 



Box Set (2 photos)


Brewster Convention 1992 Collaboration Scope - This item was a collaboration of top artists at the 1992 Brewster Society convention. Only two that were made to raise money for children's charities.  Steven Gray did the woodworking on this item. Other contributing artists were Amy Hnatko, Charles Karadimos, Randy and Shelley Knapp, Steve and Peggy (then Burnside) Kittleson, Sherry Moser, Bill O'Connor, Shantidevi, Glen and Ben Straub, and Kay Winkler.



Cabaret Nights (2 photos)


Carousel Series 1


Carousel Series 2


Chamber Extenuation




Depth Impression (3 photos)


Espy from Within


Geocentrical Dream


Old Faithful (also known as Universal Kaleidoscope System)



Parasol (2 photos)


Petite Fete



Phantasmic Stratums (2 photos)




The Volcano





Vespers Ice (3 of Scope and 1 of the Image)


Worlds of Themselves


Unknown Name - Scope 1



Unknown Name - Scope 2 (2 photos)



Images from Parasol (2 photos)



Steven Gray Objects for Scopes 


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