Scopes by Artist Jacqueline Bardner Smith




Belle N Brutus - Scope and image


Cat Napz On Raku


Double Dragons



Field of Poppies - Scope and image


Fluffy Loves Fall


For Cozy With Love




Forever Yours - Scope (2)



Freckles N Ted - Scope and image




Hummingbird Heaven




Lion and the Crab - Scope and image


Lotus Garden


Lucy Latte



Mexicali Pup - Scope and image



Neko San - Scope (2)


O'Keefe's Passion



Oriental Panda - Scope and image


Pussums On Foil





Quest Of The Two Tigers - Scope (3) and image


Spanky's Rose



Through the Eye of Harry - Scope (full scope and eyepiece)


Tiger Tale



Tigress - Scope (2)


Tuffys in the Tulips


Unconditional Love (Scruffy)



Who Me? - Scope and image


Wild Violets


Older Scopes



Cali's View




Dragonfly Dreams - Scope (2)



Jacqui's Ra




Monet's Passion - Scope (3)


Oriental Crane


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