On Reflection

Scopes by Artist Marc Tickle






Dragonfly Teleidoscope & Kaleidoscope - scope (2) and image (2)




Ella Rose - Scopes and 3-D Illusion






Ellington - scope (2) and image (2)




Fibonaccian Spheres Kaleidoscope Sculpture - scope and image




Fireworks - scopes (2) and image


Magic Lantern






Paper Moon - scope and image (4)





Peek-a-Box - scopes (2), illusion and image



Tear Drop Kaleidoscope Sculpture - scope and image



Water Pedestal Kaleidoscope Sculpture - scope and image







Wine Bottle Teleidoscope - scopes (5) and image



Bloomfield Video


Brewster's Beacon Video


Secret Garden Video


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