July 2012 - Squeeze Me (Steven Gray)

Artist: Steven Gray (Steve Gray Wood Studios)

Description: This kaleidoscope is an open edition crafted using maple and cherry woods and features a 2-mirror polyangular system.  The scope sits in a stand and can be viewed as a parlor scope or it can be easily lifted out of the stand and used as a hand held kaleidoscope.

Dimensions: 10 1/2 inches high by 8 inches deep.

Interior Image: It has a 2-mirror, polyangular system with a smooth wooden toggle on the side of the barrel that is used to adjust the angle of the mirrors. Incredibly, the mandala at its widest is 5 points and with a simple “squeeze” the image tightens to many more points. The image has a crisp clean center star and the outside of the image has a wonderful reamy or watery look.

Objects: The liquid oil cell holds a variety of lamp worked glass and dichroic glass - pastels to primary colors - creating dynamic, vibrant images.  A black background is used.

Miscellaneous: Squeeze me is the first kaleidoscope from Steven Gray in more than 12 years and his first polyangular scope ever.


The below photos show the scope. 







The below photos show the images. 







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