October 2012 - Peek-a-Box (Marc Tickle)

Artist: Marc Tickle (On reflection)

Description: This kaleidoscope is an open edition scope featuring both a 2-mirror kaleidoscope and a shadow box containing a dragonfly suspended in midair.  The scope is totally hand made and utilizes hand painted glass, handmade paper and Italian glass working techniques. 

Dimensions: 10 inches high by 2 1/2 inches wide and 2 1/2 inches deep. 

Interior Image: A two mirror system.

Objects:  Liquid filled cell.

Miscellaneous: 'Peek-a-Box' is a new concept combining a kaleidoscope with a shadow box. This optical illusion is achieved using a mirror set at 45 degrees and a half a dragonfly made out of lamp worked glass (the mirrors create the other half of the dragonfly from the reflection).  The kaleidoscope mirrors are totally hidden when viewed from the front, it looks as if the viewer is just looking closely at a piece of paper.


The below photos show the scope(s). 





The below photos show the images. 


The below photos show the scope's dragonfly illusion. 








Below are some videos on Peek-a-Box. 





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