December 2012 - O Tannenbaum (Charles J. Sorg)

Artist: Charles J. Sorg

Description: This kaleidoscope is a one of a kind scope (all scopes by Charles are one of a kind). The scope utilizes fused and slumped glass techniques along with decorative soldering, airbrushed and hand brushed painting .  The scope has a 5 inch diameter ring applied to the bottom for stability.

Dimensions:  19 1/4 inches high by 15 1/4 inches wide and  5 inches deep.  The main cylindrical glass body is 3 inches" in diameter and 13 inches in length.

Interior Image: A two mirror 5 point system.

Objects:  The dry object camber contains glass pieces, mostly transparent, lots of dichroic and a few pieces of opaque glass. All created by hand. It also contains several slivers of agate that Charles cut and polished.

Miscellaneous: The scope has the appearance of a Christmas tree. The boughs of the tree were formed with brass tubing which he covered with solder. The ornaments on the ends of the branches are iridescent cranberry glass fused to dichroic glass.  The finial on the top of the scope is 4.5” long. The top nugget is surrounded with 7 spires forming it into a star; it is removable. On the back of the scope is the phase: "Merry Christmas".


The below photos show the scope. 













The below photos show the images. 




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