#3 - Mickey and Friends

Manufactured By: Unknown (it appears to be made by Steven Manufacturing Company as it is the exact size and materials as a Steven #150)

Distributed By: Walt Disney Productions of Burbank, California

Reason for this Rating: This rating is based on the popularity of Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney characters.  This is the most popular, older Walt Disney scope.

Year: Unknown

Dimensions: 8 5/8 inches tall (includes 2 5/8 inch cell) and 2 inches in diameter (cell is 2 3/8 inches in diameter).

Interior Image: 5 and a Half Point Mandala (33 degree 2-mirror system).

Objects:  Colored plastic pieces. Mickey Mouse in also visible but he is not an object in the object chamber.  A color picture of Mickey is fixed to the object viewer's white end piece (see above picture) and therefore visible inside the scope.  He is sitting down wearing an orange shirt and a blue bowtie playing with coins.  Since he is a fixed drawing, he doesn't move around inside the scope, so as you rotate the cell, mickey rotates also.

Below pictures show the excellent graphics on  this scope and the view of Mickey in the scope's image.

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