#15 - Odyssey

Scopes: Comes in multiple colors - black (most common), red and possibly others.

Manufactured By: MAG-NIF Incorporated of Mentor Ohio.

Reason for this Rating: This is a cool looking, all plastic, scope with an oil filled object cell.  Images are fun and the mirrors are excellent for a toy scope.  This is the only liquid-filled object cell in the list and it has the best images.  This scope is fun to look into.

Year: Unknown

Dimensions: 7 inches (includes object cell) with a diameter of 3 inches.

Interior Image: 3-mirror isosceles triangle.

Objects: Liquid filled cell with different colored oils.

Other: This scope is patented (US design patent D264,856)

Below are the scopes (in black and red).

Below is the wording on the scope.

Below are images from the scope.

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