1978 Fireball

Scope Name: Fireball

Scope Number: 165

Description: The scope looks like a normal toy kaleidoscope with a ball on top of it. The ball spins in two directions (see pictures below).

Year: 1978

Production Site: Hermann, Missouri

Dimensions: 9 5/8 inches tall (includes ball) and 2 inches in diameter.  Ball is 3 1/8 inches tall with 3 inch maximum diameter.

Interior Image: 3-mirror isosceles triangle.

Objects:  Ball is divided into 4 equal sections.  Each section contains colored plastic pieces. 

Other:  While the 1978 Fireball claims to be under US patent 3,756,685 (Wonder Wheel patent) and "Patent Pending", it was granted its own US patent (4,205,893) on June 3,1980.

Below photo shows scope.


Below photo shows wording.

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