1972 Wonder Wheel

Scope Name: Wonder Wheel

Scope Number: 130

Description: Front and back graphics are different, different head colors exist, different wheels exist (some have holes and some are solid), patent pending stated at this time (see pictures below).

Year: 1972

Production Site: Hermann, Missouri

Dimensions: 10 1/4 inches long by 2 1/8 inches wide by 1 inch thick

Interior Image: 5 Point Mandala (36 degree 2-mirror system). The mandala has a ring around it. The ring is caused due to the head and/or the space between the head and the wheel being visible in the mirror system.

Objects:  The wheel has 4 compartments that hold different objects.  Objects are: paper clips and rubber band, plastic rods of different colors and different colored plastic pieces.

Below photo shows the back and front graphics.

Below photo shows the different wheels.  Left one has holes between the spokes where the right one is solid.

 Below photo shows the back of the head stating that a patent was applied for.

Below photo shows the red ring around the image from the red head of the scope.

Below photo shows the wording on the side of the scope.

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