#12 - Corning Glass Center

Scopes: Two versions exist.  A scope with the normal Steven metal eye piece and a scope with a cardboard eye piece that says "Corning Glass Center" (see above photo).

Manufactured By: Steven Manufacturing Company of Hermann, Missouri 65041.

Distributed By: Corning Glass Center, Corning, New York.

Reason for this Rating: This is a popular toy scope and Corning NY is known for glass which is important for scopes( they even have a glass museum).

Year: Unknown

Dimensions: 8 5/8 inches tall (includes 2 5/8 inch cell) and 2 inches in diameter (cell is 2 3/8 inches in diameter).

Interior Image: 5 Point Mandala (36 degree 2-mirror system).

Objects: Colored plastic pieces.

Below are the scopes.  Notice the different eye pieces (the first one is made of cardboard with no metal).

Below is the  fine print wording on the scopes. 

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