#21 - Plastic Kaleidoscope

Scopes: Comes in three colors - red (most common), blue and green.

Manufactured By: Steven Manufacturing Company of Saint Louis, Missouri.

Reason for this Rating: Very popular old Steven scope with a fillable object cell (objects can be changed).  This scope has very clean symmetry which may be caused by the usage of first surface mirrors that were part of the scope's patent.  

Year: 1946 (scope is not dated but it is listed as a new scope on the Steven's 1946 ad) - Number: 129 individually and 200 in a box set (scope is not numbered but it is listed as 129 / 200 in Steven's 1950 ad)

Dimensions: 8 1/2 inches long with a tapered body from 2 inches to 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

Interior Image: 6 Point Mandala (30 degree 2-mirror system).

Objects: Variable (any objects can be placed inside the object cell).

Other: This scope is patented (US patent 2,447,623).

Below are the scopes.

Below photo shows the wording on the scope.

Below photo shows the scope in the box.

Below photos show the directions and the back of the directions.

Below is an image from the scope.

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