Top 10 Reasons to Collect Kaleidoscopes

  1. It's FUN! - Scopes are beautiful on both the inside and the outside. They ignite your emotions in a visual way!
  2. Finding them is an Adventure - Trying to find new and exciting scopes is a real challenge (unless you look on eBay). It becomes exciting when you find a quaint little shop that sells scopes or when you find a scope for sale at a local antique gallery.  Maybe you are looking for a scope by a certain artist or even a particular scope.  It is great when you finally locate it!
  3. Stress Reduction - Looking through kaleidoscopes is very relaxing.
  4. Remembrances - They are a great way to remember places you visit or trips you go on.  Purchasing a scope for display in your house will always remind you of that special trip or place.
  5. Decorations - Add color and fun to your house or apartment.  Today's scopes are works of art that will not only enhance your rooms but they are also fun entertainment. 
  6. Investment - Not only do wise scope purchases bring a monetary reward but you are also investing in "art" when you purchase a kaleidoscope.
  7. Enhance an Existing Collection - Maybe you already have a collection of something other then kaleidoscopes like sculptures or toys?  Adding appropriately themed kaleidoscopes to that existing collection will greatly enhance that collection.
  8. Affordable Art - Why spend thousands or even millions on sculptures or paintings when many quality scopes cost under only hundreds of dollars.
  9. Educational - Kaleidoscopes are both a science and an art so they are enjoyable to learn about.  Learn about many scientific properties such as polarization, reflection of light and the math involved in kaleidocope mirror systems.
  10. Hobby - Kaleidoscope collecting is a great hobby.  You meet others and learn about the art while getting to enjoy your collection.