Kaleidoscope Mirror Systems - Spiral (1-Mirror) Systems

Spiral (1-Mirror) Systems

The scope's cylinder shaped body or a cylinder tube inside the scope is covered with a reflective material which produces a spiraling effect of colors up toward the viewer.   This type of mirror system can also be called a 1-mirror system since only a single reflective material (mirror) is used.  

Below are two images from the same spiral scope.


Objects in the object cell of these scopes are used more to create colors then shapes since all the viewer sees is a swirl of color coming towards them.  

While not often used in kaleidoscopes, you see it used more often in jewelry scopes (rings, necklaces and earrings).  The extremely small size of jewelry scopes makes it hard to create small enough mirror systems.  For that reason many jewelry scopes utilize the spiral mirror system.

Below is a photo showing two jewelry scopes that utilize the spiral mirror system.  A necklace and an earring.