Kaleidoscope Mirror Systems - 4-Mirror Systems

4-Mirror Systems

The 4-mirror system is created when 4 mirrors are connected together.  They come in three common configurations:

  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Diamond


The square and rectangular configurations create basically the same pattern except the square 4-mirror configuration (shown above) produces repeated square patterns while 4-mirror rectangular configuration produces repeated rectangular patterns. These are created by angling the 4 mirrors at 90 degrees to each other.  The images created are striped patterns since the reflections move directionally up, down, left and right .  This is often known as a "Parade" or "Chorus Line" effect.

Below are 3 photos showing the "Chorus Line" effect.


The diamond configuration creates an image with multiple focal points.  It is created by angling the 4 mirrors at angles other than 90 degrees therefore forming a diamond.  This mirror system is sometimes known as twin 2-mirror systems. The image it creates is a double mandala.

 Below is a view of the diamond  configured 4-mirrored scope (notice the double mandala).