Kaleidoscope Mirror Systems - Polyangular Mirror Systems

Polyangular Mirror Systems

Polyangular scopes come is 2-mirror and 4-mirror configurations.  

2-Mirror Polyangular Scopes

The 2-mirror polyangular scope is a 2-mirror design with the additional variation to allow the mirror(s) to be adjusted, changing the angle of the "V" and thus the number of reflections or points.  An additional controller on these scopes allows the viewer to change the angle of the mirror assembly those controlling the number of points of symmetry of the interior image. 

2-Mirror polyangular scopes will have different mirror angle ranges.  Some will produce 2 to 7 point stars while other may produce 5 to over 30 point stars.  The outside of polyangular scopes look no different than normal scopes however they are harder to find. 

Below is 6 photos showing the same objects from a 2-mirror polyangular scope in a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 point variations.




4-Mirror Polyangular Scopes

4-Mirror polyangular scopes are extremely rare.  They product a variety of images when there mirrors are physically changed from a very flat diamond shape to a square shape. The images produced start out as repeated square patterns when the mirrors are square shaped to a double mandala pattern as the mirrors are flattened into a diamond.  The flatter the diamond shape of the mirrors, the more points the double mandalas get.

Below is a polyangular 4-mirror scope shown in a square (90 degree angles) and then diamond shape.

Below are the square and then diamond views of the same objects.