Kaleidoscope Mirror Systems - Tapered Mirror Systems

Tapered Mirror Systems

Tapering the mirrors means that the mirrors which are usually rectangular in shape are now slightly tapered making then an isosceles trapezoid.  This is done equally to all mirrors so that when they are connected to make the mirror system they are similar to a pyramid.  

Below are two views of the same 3-mirror tapered scope.


Usually the lager end is used for viewing and the object chamber is attached to the smaller end.  When this done, an amazing spherical 3-D image is created.  When the scope is viewed through the smaller end, the actual and virtual images are enlarged to more visibly examine the objects in the object chamber. This also allows more light to enter the system, increasing the overall brightness.

Below is the image from a 3-mirror tapered scope.  Notice that is appears to be 3-dimensional.

Tapered mirror systems come in 3 or more sides. 

Pictures of 3-mirror (the scope the above image in from) and 4-mirror tapered scopes.