Jelly Lens - 6 Image Mirage

The Jelly Lens Filter fits over the lens of your cell phone camera, web camera, or digital camera to create kaleidoscope effects. The shape of the lens produces 6 duplicated images.  Note that the image is not a mandala but more like a bug eye image.

It has a self-adhesive backing & cover that can be reused and does not leave a sticky residue when removed. It also has a bungee cord that allows it to be attached to a camera or cell phone. 

It only costs about $5 and the reviews have been good.  Product is available on-line by searching on "Kaleidoscope Jelly Lens". 

Below photos show the Jelly Lens in its package.


Below photos show the Jelly Lens.


Below photos show the images of scopes taken with the Jelly Lens.