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The site is broken into 2 sections:

  • The Kaleidoscope Book - This section contains information about kaleidoscopes, artists, scope galleries and other scope information.
  • The Site - This section contains information about the site (not about kaleidoscopes).

"The Kaleidoscope Book"

"The Site"

  • Home - The site's home page (contains 5 articles).
  • Bibliography - The bibliography for the "The Kaleidoscope Book" on-line book.
  • Contact Us - Information on how to contact the "The Kaleidoscope Book".
  • Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs about the site not about kaleidoscopes.
  • Report a Problem - Information on how to report a problem with the "The Kaleidoscope Book".
  • Search This Site - This is like the index in a text book only better.  You can search on any word you want to.
  • Site Map - Provides a system generated list of all pages on this site.
  • Table of Contents - This is like the table of contents in a text book. 
  • What's New - A listing of all updates to the site and the date they were made.