September 2012 - Flashback (Skeeter and Peter DeMattia)

Artist: Skeeter and Peter DeMattia (Originals by Skeeter)

Description: This kaleidoscope is an open edition however each scope has a unique base (the light and scope holder will always be the same). This scope has a battery powered blinking LED light and the actual scope lifts out of the base for easy viewing.  

Dimensions: About 9 inches high by 8 inches wide and 5 inches deep.  Actual size varies due to its unique bases.

Interior Image: It comes with a choices of three mirror systems: a three mirror, a colorful swirling image, or a two mirror.

Objects: Dry cell featuring glass lampworking done by Peter.

Miscellaneous: Scope is unique in that it a production scope however each is one of a kind.


The below photos show the scope. 








The below photos show the images. 


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