#2 - Symmetroscope

Manufactured By: Wale-Irving Company (also F. P. Irving) of Troy, New York.

Reason for this Rating: This is considered a toy kaleidoscope because of the turntable and its small size however this is an extremely well made antique scope.  It gets such a high rating due to its quality workmanship.

Dimensions: Tall scope is 6 3/8 inches tall with a 3 1/2 inch diameter base and the short scope is 6 inches tall with 2 3/4 inch diameter base.

Year: Unknown

Interior Image: 5 Point Mandala (36 degree 2-mirror system).

Objects: Variable (any objects can be placed on the turntable).

Other: George Wale held the the following patents for the Symmetroscope: Design Patent D30390 & US Patent 631,550.

Below are 2 pictures showing two versions of Symmetroscopes.  The green one is a bit smaller and made by  F. P. Irving and the gold one, the more common one, is made by the Wale-Irving Company.  Both companies are from Troy, New York.  The above photo shows the bottom of the gold scope's base.

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