#4 - Eye in the Sky

Scopes: Space Orb - Eye in the Sky / "Star Worlds Shuttle".

Manufactured By: Space Orb - Eye in the Sky - Unknown / "Star Worlds Shuttle" by Steven Manufacturing Company of Hermann, Missouri.

Reason for this Rating: This is a very different scope and way cool. It looks like a rocket and you spin the top capsule to alter the objects and view though the exhaust.  It also has its own website.

Year: Space Orb - Eye in the Sky - Unknown / "Star Worlds Shuttle" - 1977 - Number: 121

Dimensions: Both are 8 inches tall and 4 inches across (wing to wing).

Interior Image: 2 Point Mandala (90 degree 2-mirror system).

Objects:  Space man like objects.  Around the edges of the image is printed the names of 8 of the 9 planets in our solar system (earth is the planet not listed).

Other: This scope was patented (US Patent 3,099,933).

Below is a photo of the two scopes (they are 8 inches tall) and then two photos of the space monster images the scope makes.

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