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Name Position State Country
PJ Campbell and Louise D'Amour Status: Inactive USA
Frank Casciani Status: Active California USA
Marion Cornet Chase Status: Inactive New York USA
Hunter Cheng Status: Inactive USA
Janice and Ray Chesnik Status: Active Massachusetts USA
Howard Chesshire Status: Inactive Vermont USA
Tom Chouteau Status: Inactive Iowa USA
Kevin Christensen Status: Active USA
Larry Christensen Status: Inactive USA
Marcia Clark Status: Active Pennsylvania USA
Phil Coghill Status: Active Louisiana USA
Roy Cohen-Gilad Status: Inactive Israel
R Scott Cole Status: Active North Carolina USA
R.E. "Bob" Coleberd Status: Active USA
Steve Coleman Status: Active Oklahoma USA
Carmen and Stephen Colley Status: Inactive Texas USA
David and Michael Collier Status: Active Oregon USA
Peg and Dennis Comeau Status: Inactive New Hampshire USA
Robert Cook and Jocelyn Teh Status: Active Victoria Australia
Allen Crandell Status: Inactive USA