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Name Position State Country
Bob and Grace Ade Status: Active Washington USA
Larry C. and Bonnie Akers Status: Active USA
Mary Aldrich Status: Active South Dakota USA
Peggy Allen Status: Unknown USA
Gary Allison Status: Inactive California USA
Brook Alsdurf Status: Active Virginia USA
Strato Anagnostis Status: Inactive Australia
Pam Andersen Status: Active Wisconsin USA
Bob and Jan Anderson Status: Inactive Missouri USA
Robert C. Anderson Status: Active Wisconsin USA
Ben T. Ansley, IV Status: Inactive Florida USA
Robert Armstrong Status: Inactive Massachusetts USA
Emin Arpaci Status: Inactive Germany
Stephen AugiƩre (Auger) Status: Inactive Massachusetts USA
DJ and PJ Austin Status: Inactive USA
Cozy Baker Status: Deceased Maryland USA
Sumant Bakshi Status: Active New Delhi India
Don Ballwey Status: Inactive California USA
Jeffrey Balter Status: Inactive Colorado USA
Neil and Kate Barkschat Status: Inactive North Carolina USA